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About Us

It all began with one bus, which we converted into a mobile cancer-screening unit. The bus, which is state of the art, was designed to reach remote areas of India where, for many, hospital visits simply aren’t an option, and all too often cancer is left undiagnosed and untreated.

It goes without saying that, without proper treatment and care, cancer can cause intense, unnecessary suffering for patients and, indeed, their loved ones. With your help, we can reach even more people in need and offer support, education, and life-changing medical treatment.

Today, we’re proud to say we have six mobile units up and running and, with your help, hope to get even more on the road! We rely entirely on donations to continue our work and every penny raised goes into making a difference for people with cancer who otherwise would be left alone and untreated.

The Facts

Nearly 70% of the Indian population live in rural India, whilst 95% of cancer care facilities are situated in urban areas – out of reach for many in need of treatment due to distance and travel expense. Due to this, in rural India, mortality rates for cancer are much higher than urban centres.

World Cancer Care provide five cancer tests for early detection of Breast, Cervical, Prostate, Oral Cavity, and Oesophageal Cancer. These early-detection tests are vital, since many rural areas of India have little to no awareness or education about cancer, and so often only ask for treatment during advanced stages of the disease.

It is due to this late detection that outcomes are often poor for patients who seek treatment, which leads other sufferers to believe that medical intervention cannot help them.

World Cancer Care seeks to stop this vicious cycle by raising awareness about early-detection and educating patients about how self-examine and when to seek help. With your help, we can protect and improve the lives of thousands; starting today and for the future.

Did you know?

As well as visiting villages in rural India, our mobile cancer screening units also visit religious festivals and places of worship where many people often gather.

We have set-up medical camps at places such as Sri Harmandir Sahib (also known as ‘The Golden Temple’) in order to help some of the thousands of Indians who visit it every single day.

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A DONATION TO World Cancer Care CAN HELP Save a life