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If you’d like to get involved and do something amazing and heartfelt for people affected by cancer, we’d love to hear from you. Since our story began in 2014, our charity has depended on like-minded and passionate volunteers, helping us raise awareness of cancer and the importance of self-examination and spotting warning signs early.

Volunteer with World Cancer Care

Discover exciting opportunities to make a difference

There are many ways to make a meaningful difference and give something back to those in need. We’ve had volunteers undertake diverse activities such as baking, running, cycling, climbing, walking and swimming.

You can also help from home by creating virtual raffles, hosting movie nights and running classes. Our team is always on hand to listen, so if you have a fundraising idea or want to make a big difference to your local community, you can volunteer by completing our enquiry form below. We’re actively searching for regular volunteers to distribute leaflets, support local fundraising groups, and help with administrative tasks and collection boxes.

Donate your time