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Giving Something Back

If you’re a medical professional working in the field of oncology and would like to volunteer we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteering for World Cancer Care is an ideal way to gain experience and visit fascinating new places whilst helping some of the neediest and poorest-resourced areas of India.

We would like to hear from medical professionals from all disciplines because such a large part of what we do is focussed on providing education and raising awareness. We also undertake basic medical examinations such as diabetes checks, blood pressure, and other basic checks throughout our camps.

Additionally, we’d love to hear from any non-medical volunteers who would like to volunteer and help out. Tasks such as handing out leaflets, helping with set-up, and other general duties are very important and every single helping-hand is appreciated.

If you would like more details about volunteering then send us your email address below.

A DONATION TO World Cancer Care CAN HELP Save a life