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What is World Cancer Care and what do you do?

World Cancer Care are a global charity that bring cancer-screening and care to hard-to-reach areas of India via mobile screening-units and volunteer medical professionals.

We also work with government hospitals to provide transport and treatment for those we diagnose who don’t have means to pay for expensive treatments. We are funded solely from donations we collect from around the globe.

How long has World Cancer Care being running?

Our mission began in 2015 with just one mobile screening unit on the road in India. We now have a total of six mobile screening units, and, with your help, hope to increase this number still.

What will my donation go towards exactly?

Your donation will help our mission to:

  • Maintain current mobile-screening units (including back-up generators and fuel). We also aim to increase the number of units on the road.
  • Pay for medical supplies
  • Pay for travel expenses to and from hospitals

All volunteer doctors and medical professionals pay for their own travel expenses to India.

How do you decide which area in India to help?

Our primary area of focus for now is the Punjab region of India where the latest statistics count 12,581 villages in total (although we hope to organically expand beyond this area one day). Villages are typically chosen through our ‘Adopt a Village: Save a Life’ campaign, which allows sponsors to choose which village they would like us to visit – often villages are chosen due to family/historical links.

So far, we have visited 7,000 villages in Punjab and our goal is to visit every single one in the region by 2018!

How can I help in other ways that aren’t straight-up donations?

We value your support and interest. If you would like to volunteer as a medical professional for World Cancer Care, please see our Volunteer Page here

You can also help by organising a fundraising event for World Cancer Care, such as sponsored runs, cycles, baking, and anything you can think of! If you would like to speak to us about organising such an event, or if you are a business who would like to help our mission, please contact us here.

Do you follow-up with patients receiving treatment?

We are in the process of developing a system to follow up with patients, but do not currently have the resources to do so.

What are World Cancer Care’s plans for the future?

At the moment, World Cancer Care are focused in the Punjab region of India, and our goal is to visit all 12,581 villages in this location by 2018 (we have currently set-up medical camps in 7,000 villages there). After this, our mission hopes to expand organically outside of the Punjab area, helping more villages from neighbouring states.

Will WCC be helping people in other countries?

We would love to expand WCC beyond India and our long-term objective is grow and help as many people in need as possible. Hopefully, with enough support, we can make this a reality in time.

Who runs WCC and what are their backgrounds?

To find out more about our Board Members and Trustees, please visit our About Us page. Here you’ll find short bios so you can get to know us a little better.

How can I get in touch the with the board?

Please use our contact us page.

A DONATION TO World Cancer Care CAN HELP Save a life