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World Cancer Care is an established charity registered with the Charity Commission, England and Wales bringing passionate people together to tackle cancer challenges, providing educational resources, the latest news in cancer research, stories from survivors and features on our local community initiatives.

We’re blessed to have many hardworking volunteers who provide support for those who so desperately need help. As you’ll discover below, there are so many different ways people get involved with World Cancer Care, helping to fund life-changing help and support. From bakers to cyclists, runners, dancers, climbers, singers and walkers, our volunteers raise vital funds, and a high percentage of donations go directly to those in need.

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Heroes of hope, inspiration and courage

We have carried out successful initiatives across the UK and selected countries like India, where we collaborate with Cancer Care Charitable Society. You can learn more about the medical camps we’ve carried out as you browse our stories below. We strive to raise awareness and early detection and screening of cancer for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to such services. The work we carry out at home and overseas reflects the diverse challenges cancer brings, and every story you’ll discover below can be a vital source of support and inspiration for someone diagnosed with cancer.

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We know from our own experience that there is power in sharing stories. Whether you have been, or are currently, affected by cancer and would like to share your account, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Telling and hearing stories can give many people who are facing similar challenges strength and raise awareness. You can discover our stories from across the UK (and overseas) below, as well as educational resources on treatment, the latest research, support programs and fundraising events.

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