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Our team of trustees and volunteers offer emotional support and educational resources to anyone dealing with or diagnosed with cancer. We’re on hand to assist 365 days a year. From helping people cope with difficult feelings, exploring personal issues, understanding the anxiety about treatment, and discussing unexpected financial consequences, nothing is off-limits. We recognise that many people seek support from talking to close family members or friends, yet at the same time, certain feelings can be hard to share. Whether you feel like talking to someone outside of your support network or have one or a few questions on your mind, we’re here to listen and help you in the best possible way.

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We continue to develop educational resources that provide guidance and information on all cancer types whilst we share inspirational real-life stories of those we’ve supported.

We depend on our passionate, like-minded volunteers who continue to help us grow, raise awareness and create fundraising events that make a meaningful difference to those in need. To learn more about our team and how we can help you, please send us a message or call us on +44 20 7101 0792.

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